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About Us

Our core business focus is providing pre-employment screening and background check services to satisfy the needs of any organization. Through the implementation of iCheck – our web based software and adopting best business practices ( we are an ISO 9001:2001 certified for quality & processes and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified for data security) and legal expertise through our partnership with a well known legal firm , we help your organization deploy an effective and productive screening program. Since we are a service oriented organization we realize our strength lies in providing global employers with streamlined solutions to cater to their unique screening requirements that enables them to efficiently manage their “SAFE HIRING” program and we do just that! So that it is achieved . . .


With Automated back end process (iCheck) , simultaneous order processing and real-time result and status updates we work in concert to provide you results with the fastest turnaround so that well informed hiring decisions are efficiently made and YOU work smarter. Our commitment to providing clients with customer focused, result oriented, technologically advanced solutions ads considerable “value” to the screening process.


Each and every report is inspected and verified by the respective Account Managers before it is made available online with the intent of providing clients with perfect dependable reports and available for their viewing whenever and wherever.