Photo - Divya Singh

Divya Singh

Divya founded iScreening Services Pvt Ltd previously known as International Screening Services in the year 2007. Prior to this, she has 12 years of experience in the financial sector, which includes companies like Trendwatch India Pvt Ltd, Emerging Securities Pvt Ltd, ENAM, Asia FX. In her varying roles of business development, customer relationship building, P & L of an independent cost center , and as a Futures & Options Trader she was closely associated with the think tank of the financial world.

Her stint in Trendwatch India, headed by Mr. Deepak Mohoni who is credited with the coining of the word Sensex, was a truly enriching one, which taught her valuable lessons and models of Risk Assessment and Risk Management, planning, discipline, and importance of process with least amount of human intervention.

Divya is now chiefly focused on driving organizational change, development of new products and strategies at iScreening. iCheck the web-based platform has been conceived and is constantly being innovated and built upon by Divya. The final product will not only enable annual cost savings, but will also ensure best practices infrastructure at iScreening. When not at iScreening , Divya is an active positional trader and continues to make bold bets according to her views on macro economics and technical analysis. She manages her personal portfolio and is influenced by the trading styles of Jesse Livermore, George Soros and most recently by Kyle Bass.

Divya is a Bachelor in Computer Science, Bangalore University and holds an Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications with Specialization in Oracle.