Striving to protect your business from the wrong type of people

Our Values

iScreening Services Pvt. Ltd. prides itself in providing pre-employment screening services to its clients in a cost effective manner with honesty, integrity, accuracy, fairness and in a timely manner to suit our clients’ requirements.

Key policies in support of our values:

  • Process Driven

    We are a process driven and focused organization. This enables us to utilize available resources in an effective manner to produce specific deliverables to meet our customers’ requirements successfully and achieve our commercial objectives. This approach also enables us to keep our existing customers happy and to win new customers.

  • IT Enabled

    Our processes are IT enabled. The iScreening Web ensures that the system supports the operations and improvements of the core processes. The iScreening team co-operates across functions to ensure “customer satisfaction” by timely delivery of results. We are better connected with our clients, client needs and thereby the organization objective of servicing customers with transparency and 24X7 connectivity is achieved.

  • Data processes

    To capture key knowledge / data, information on the core processes, the customers, their needs and the deliverables. The organized collection of benchmark data enables us to carry out analysis thereby helping in reducing time, eliminating any back logs, improving efficiency and significantly improving the quality of collected data.

  • Customer Involvement

    We believe collective experience of our customers holds incredible insights as to where we should be going with our business, what services we should be offering and what other products we could offer in future. To tap this knowledge we need to keep an open mind, make changes and create tools to make it happen.

  • Privacy / Information of Customers

    Protecting customer information is a top priority at iScreening. Our processes and systems ensure that our customers database security and confidentiality is maintained at all times. Limited access, by use of latest password protection protocols and other security protections are in place.

  • Compliance

    iScreening Services Pvt. Ltd is an ethical and law abiding company. Our business conduct policies are applicable globally and these standards provide for conducting business the right way. Everywhere we do business we must abide by all laws applicable to that country, state and local laws.

  • Environment

    As citizens of the earth we are responsible for the protection and preservation of the environment we live in. iScreening Services Pvt. Ltd. is committed to have a paperless office and to eliminate any wastage of global resources. We strive to create a green office.

  • Leadership

    iScreening’s team leaders , managers and employees understand and believe in our values. They help us to create a work environment in which it is it of utmost important to do business the right way, with honesty and strength of character. We at iScreening promote a culture to work with honesty, integrity, accuracy, fairness, respect, and to deliver results in a timely manner to suit our clients’ requirements.

Personal accountability is valued , encouraged and recognized at iScreening Services Pvt. Ltd.

These are the core values of successful leadership of iScreening employees and iScreening itself.