Case Studies

Case 1:

While doing an employment check for a candidate we had not found that he had not resigned from his previous employment and he was claiming salary from both the employers. And what was shocking is that he was working for rival companies simultaneously. He had also produced a false salary certificate claiming double the actual amount.

Case 2:

A large telecom company had carried out an extensively used database check on its employees and to their horror found that their newly recruited Senior CEO had terrorist links.

Case 3:

One of the forerunning FMCG Company had recruited a Senior Manager with 15 years work experience. He had previously worked in large well known companies. On doing an education check it came to light that he was not even a graduate and all his certificates were forged.

Case 4:

In one case a leading Company in Kerala had hired a sales force of around sixty people. All of them were found to have fake degrees from a common source.