Eliminate risk to your bottomline from a bad hire

Why Do Background Checks ?

The need for background checks for employees is growing day by day. Background checks are vital for the safety and security of your employees. The threat of liability gives employers reason to be cautious in checking an applicant’s past.

In today’s scenario employers need to look at not only the ability of the candidates but also at their background and character. Hiring processes need a much more detailed analysis – extensive background checks, references and personality testing to ensure a safe and secure business environment.

People make an organization and so hiring the right person is the key to a high performance work environment. The organization bases the salary and designation of the candidate to commensurate with his qualifications, and work experience. Failing to do so you may have incompetent people in positions they may be incapable of handling. Therefore Background Checks is a best practice that helps you to hire potential associates based on informed decisions and not just instinct.

The Brief Snap Shot of the Benefits of Background Checks is Listed Below

Measureable Benefits

The measurable benefits of performing background checks include the following:

  • Fewer bad hires – Saves Money, minimizes management headaches and saves training resources
  • Significant reduction in costs associated with employee theft – Saves Money and Security Resources
  • Reduction in employee turnover and related costs – Saves HR, Recruitment, and training resources
  • Safer workplace – Minimizes work disruption, and improves morale when employees know that the next person hired is safe to work with and has a good track record.

Improve Productivity

Outsourcing your pre-employment screening will facilitate:

  • Remove Interview Bias – We’ve never met your candidates, so our only motivation is to help you know who you’re hiring!
  • Selection of a more honest, productive, and efficient team – our People, Process, and Technology combine to ensure accuracy and high quality, detailed information for every applicant.
  • Protection from negligent hiring litigation – Be sure that you bring on safe people every time. This rule does not apply to India but the Western world is very sensitive to this aspect.
  • Assurance that thorough details are assembled prior to every hire – References, schools and employers call back on their own time – we’re available to answer every call and we update you in real time as results are available.
  • Faster recruiting times – Our business is background checking and we guarantee industry-best turnaround times!

We have seen the benefits of background checks listed above .

The threat of liability too gives employers enough reason to be cautious in checking an applicant’s past. Some of the cases highlighted below highlight the “risks” associated with not doing appropriate due diligence while hiring

  • Recent strike, lockout at the Maruti Suzuki Plant at Manesar.
  • HSBC sullied by money laundering accusations.
  • Rape and murder incidents of BPO workforce.
  • Molestation cases of BPO employees.
  • Fraud at the workplace

    • US $500,000 HSBC fraud (Jun’ 2006)
    • US $300,000 Citibank fraud (Apr’ 2005)
  • Circulation of fake mark-sheets and relieving letters in the open market.
  • Terror threats across the nation.