Make your business a safe place to work in….weed out the undeserving and unfavorable

Criminal Checks

  • Identify potential unsuitable candidates with any criminal convictions or pending criminal charges

  • Records are checked at the local police station level under the jurisdiction of which the address is located

  • Detailed Iscreening report
  • Written confirmations are obtained for veracity of results
  • Details of the verifier are recorded


In our endeavor to help our clients build a secure and risk-free business environment and to prevent the risk of hiring an employee having a criminal background for their organization, iScreening provides criminal checks.

In this process the identity of the applicant, confirmation of the candidate’s residential address and other records are checked at the local police station under the jurisdiction of the area where the address is located.

Based on the findings an accurate report is prepared , with a written confirmation obtained from the “valid authority” .

Criminal checks help companies identify any potential unsavory applicants with past criminal behavior. Results indicating a criminal background are communicated in an easy to read format and are reported once iScreening has conducted a thorough investigation.



  • Used in all industries for all position titles
  • Enable you to identify past high-risk behavior
  • Ensure a safe work environment by detecting any past violent crimes