Database checks are done to identify any risks or associations that may deem an applicant dangerous

Database Checks

  • Global Database Checks
    • 45 of the worlds 50 largest financial institutions rely on the same database for screening heightened risk individuals and entities
    • Checks carried in-house by iScreening for maximum data security and privacy

  • Indian Database Checks (iScreening searches various Public Indian databases which include)
    • CBI’s Most Wanted List
    • RBI Defaulters, SEBI Defaulters List
    • Directors’ Watch List
    • Credit Checks
    • Registrar of Companies – Vanishing Companies List, Companies under BIFR, Central Vigilance Committee – Corrupt Official List


Database Check verifies whether the candidates name figures in any public/proprietary database of negative profiles including criminal databases, civil litigation databases, credit databases and compliance databases.

iScreening has access to Indian and global databases. We check these to verify if candidates have any link to organized crime or have any litigation against them, have suspect reputation and compliance risks.

Checks are carried in-house by iScreening to ensure maximum data security and privacy.

India-specific database checks include CBI Most Wanted, National Crime Research Bureau Most Wanted Lists, RBI Defaulters, SEBI Defaulters List, Directors Watch-list, Registrar of Companies, Vanishing Companies List, Companies under the BIFR, Central Vigilance Committee Corrupt Officials List that are carried out through global databases.

Our verification specialist matches the name from all these sources to check the data.

A detailed iScreening report is then prepared.


  • Used in all industries for all positions.
  • Gives  information about the candidate that may not be found in public record.
  • Gives employers a legally sound basis on which to make confident  hiring decisions.