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Education verification

  • Verify the educational credentials in order to ensure profile’s suitability, knowledge and ability based on his qualification

  • Records are checked at the college, university or board level

  • Detailed iScreening report
  • Written confirmations are obtained for veracity of results
  • Details of the verifier are recorded


Employers today are on the look-out for employees who are highly qualified and have specialized skills. As such it has been observed that education history is the most commonly falsified information on resumes and job applications.

  • It is recommended to conduct checks to verify that the degree or certification information provided by the applicant is valid.
  • For the above purpose, our specialists check the records at the colleges, universities or board level find out whether the information supplied by the applicant is legitimate.
  • A detailed iScreening report on our findings that verifies the areas of study, degree and diplomas received is then prepared. Details and written confirmation is taken from the verifier.



  • Used in all industries for all position titles
  • To verify if a degree or credential was received
  • To confirm the date awarded
  • To identify any fictitious school or diploma received