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Employment Verification

  • Verify employment history and factual data ensuring you hire based on facts rather than instinct

  • Central HR is contacted
  • Details are verified
  • Authentication based on client’s request
  • Alternative process is activated incase of non-availability of HR personnel

  • Detailed iScreening report
  • Written confirmations are obtained for veracity of results
  • Details of the verifier are recorded


One of the most commonly falsified pieces of information is an applicant’s employment history. iScreening goes directly to former employers, to retrieve and validate relevant information.

  • Many applicants provide falsified employment information and salary history on applications or resumes in order to make themselves look suitable for the position.
  • To ensure a thorough verification, we have specific processes in place that verifies dates of employment, positions held, his/her salary, the reason for leaving the previous employment etc.
  • We initiate the verification process by directly contacting the Human Resources Department of the applicants’ previous employment and verifying the details submitted by the applicant. In case the HR personnel of the previous organization are not available, an alternate process is activated.
  • Written confirmation is always taken from the verifier.
  • A detailed iScreening report of our findings is then prepared.



  • Used in all industries for all position titles
  • To verify dates of employment, position and salary history.