Rotten apples identified

Reference Checks

  • Judging suitability of profile by qualitative information about profile’s performance and professional work habits including competency, integrity and personality

  • Reference check on basis of customized questions
  • Reference is validated from central HR
  • Tel Nos. are validated
  • Reference is further validated

  • Detailed and Comprehensive Iscreening report
  • Details of the reference are recorded


References help organizations gain an additional insight of the applicant, apart from what is mentioned on their resume about their work ethics and abilities.

Reference verification plays a very vital role while conducting a background check on job applicants with high level responsibility and duties.

  • To have a better understanding of a candidate’s past performance, his/her technical and core competencies, his/her soft skills, his/her behavior, personality, credibility, time-management, we the contact the references listed on the applicants’ resume or job application.
  • The entire process of verification is done at two levels. In the first level, we provide an extensive list of questions that clients may choose from to ask their candidates’/ applicants’ references.
  • In the second level reference is validated from central Human Resource Department.
  • The telephone numbers of the references are also validated. . Furthermore the details of the references are also recorded.
  • A detailed iScreening report is then prepared.



  • Used in all industries and for all positions
  • To assess work history and capability
  • To identify growth potential and industry skills