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Comparative Deliverables

iScreening is efficient with operational excellence. We know that our way forward lies in being flexible with our clients and making the recruiting process easy for them. We look for opportunities to make life easier for our clients by offering a solution that is beneficial for them.

We offer good quality affordable pre-employment screening services with a minimal turnaround time. We make difficult process of employment screening simple for our clients .The truth that is revealed by our reports after the background check process are not dependent on the information provided by the applicant but from information sources that are reliable. We make sincere efforts that our employment screening efforts should enhance the success of our clients.

We have internal standards to comply with and processes to ensure that all our team understands this and follow core processes to provide expert solutions to our clients.

Industry Practice iScreening Practice
  • The core business activity of background checks if often outsourced to other smaller vendors or call centres.
  • All checks are carried out and supervised by the iScreening team / employees.
  • The reliability of the checks may be out of control due to the dependence on third parties.
  • The checks are reliable , authentic and guaranteed by iScreening as we completely trust the methodology and process incorporated within our system.
  • Some of the intensive checks are outsourced so the requirement does not arise.
  • Time and effort is spent in strategizing a 1-1 relationship and building a rapport with the information sources.
  • Oral confirmations are obtained in majority of the cases.
  • Written confirmations are obtained in all the cases , except in cases where the company policy does not permit written confirmations. Oral confirmations are strongly discouraged within the iScreening System.
  • Most of the processes are manually managed leading to errors at the Background Check process involves a lot of paperwork.
  • Automated processes support us to provide “authentic “ “error free” & “auditable” reports.
  • Flexibility to manipulate the real time updates , specifically the data and time of the updates.
  • Real Time Updates are transparent & managed by the software. No manipulation possible.
  • The reports may be sent out directly by researchers (sometimes prone to errors ) or by a team preparing reports which has no clue / judgment on the reliability of the results.
  • The reports are checked for quality & reliability before they are sent out to the clients by an experienced team trained and dedicated to maintain the high standards which we have set for ourselves here at iScreening.
  • Companies which do not have a stringent audit system in place may be provided quick reports where critical elements may be missing.
  • All our clients are treated with the same degree of professionalism and customer service , the process is standardized , be it a small or a large organization.
  • Legal Advice may be unavailable due to the high costs incurred when legal opinion is sought.
  • Completely legally compliant due to our strategic partnership with a well known legal firm.
  • The system may be bought of the shelf , or a one time expense on technology or a manual process may be followed.
  • Upgrading of the system and constant innovation due to our strategic partnership with our technology partners . Therefore system modification possible to provide customer centric solutions.